People Who Fell Fast and Hard from the Top During 2017


2017 was an extremely interesting and revealing year. After Harvey Weinstein was officially accused by 85 women for sexual harassment, the bag with the worms opened widely and many other powerful men were outed about their disgusting behaviour towards women. Some of them remained silent, some others made even more disgusting announcements regarding their accusers and some others brought catastrophe on themselves for siding with those accused of sexual harassment. The #metoo movement gave a voice to every woman who felt helpless and defenceless and although there has been much progress, there is still a long way until a woman in Hollywood will be given opportunities without having to withstand sexual harassment in any expression.


1. Harvey Weinstein


Harvey Weinstein announced his company’s bankrupcy not long after his sexual harassment scandal got out. We just wish that he stays far far away from Hollywood for the rest of his life.

2. Kevin Spacey


Kevin Spacey saw actor Anthony Rapp’s claims that he sexually harassed him when the latter was 14 as an opportunity to come out as gay. Not only that, but he mentioned that he didn’t remember this incident.


3. Matt Lauer


A female stuff member of The Today Show claimed that Lauer had sexually harassed her in the past, which led to the host’s firing. Many employees admitted that Lauer usually made jokes with sexual overtones and wasn’t all that professional inside the workplace.

4. Louis C.K


Louis C.K was accused by 5 women that he masturbated in front of them. After years of chatter, the actor finally admitted to his actions and was the first to apologize and call out himself.


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