Photographer Daniel O’Donnell Captures the Faces of Indigenous People in Asia

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The world is full of unknown and very interesting people that the world doesn’t really care about learning. When someone is and won’t be a part of society’s and economy’s growth, aka part of globalization and capitalism, the economic centres of the world won’t spend a dime for their well-being. People in Nepal, Southeast Asia and India are in photographer’s Daniel O’Donnell’s centre of the universe and he spends his time travelling and photographing these people doing their everyday deeds.

1. Daniel O’Donnel just completed his travels in India and his photos of the local people are really captivating.

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2. Daniel took on photography about six years ago when he found his grandfather’s old Nikon camera.

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3. Even though he hasn’t had a mentor, he trained himself and after practise on his own he managed to be an expert.

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4. Asia has always been appealing to him and the countryside is charming due to its calmness and unlimited views.

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5. The reason he is travelling in Asia and India is to capture the unique traditions of societies and people that he knows nothing about.

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6. His trip to Kashmiri Himalayas will stay forever written in his mind for the crystal clear sky and the shooting stars.

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7. The people that he met were very friendly with him and quite curious about his origin, occupation and the reason why he was travelling so far away from home.

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8. He hopes that this personal project that he is continuously developing is going to make him an even better photographer.

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Being a travel photographer is one of the hardest tasks either you are a professional or not, especially when you travel to unknown destinations that are so far away from organized civilization and the barrier of language is standing in front of you. But, if your mind is made up and your passion is raging, you can see no boundaries.

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