Photos Proving That Friendships with Animals Are the Most Loyal of All Relationships


Maintaining a healthy and strong friendship is not always an easy task, since people can change and show a different face than the one you initially loved. Also, people will demand things from you and if you don’t give it to them they might give you the boot. This is not the case at all with animals, since they are the most giving creatures on the planet. Yes, they expect a few things from you, like food and a nice hug, but that’s all they ask for. And in return they give us so much love that makes our efforts look so tiny in front of what they offer us.




In the event of an emergency, people make sacrifices for their hairy friends.


Twitter | CabbageCatMemes

And their hairy friends make sacrifices for them.




They look as happy as the most joyful couple in the world.



You just know that you’ve found true love when you get a look like that.



Instagram | mattdylan4

Wanting to touch you means that they want to be near you at all times.


Instagram | nicolehandel

Seeing the world together.



Instagram | kingbentleythebulldog

For those who claim that dogs are a hazard on planes, this image proves otherwise.


Facebook | 219813851404222

Even wild animals can understand the language of love and affection.




Now that’s a bit strange, but still, some people can might find it cute.



There’s that look that makes your heart melt.


Instagram | crusoe_dachshund

Stop paying attention to that book and look at me instead.



Animals are the best kind of friend that anyone can have. When they show you their love and affection, you know that it is because they really feel it and not because they have something to gain from you.

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