Pictures That Are Way Too Unusual For You to Ignore

YouTube | ojatro

You may have understood by now that the world is a weird and complicated place, where many things remain unexplained. Here we will not talk about those unexplained things, but those that bare a simple explanation, but still are quite unusual to most of us. For example, how many times have you seen a snake eating another snake starting from its tail and ending up having its head popping out of its own mouth? That’s the kind of unusual that we’re talking about.

1. In the animal world this is not as unusual as we think. When snakes can’t find another living being, they sometimes pray on one of their own.


2. Careful when you do dangerous jobs, because one single mistake might make you end up with a little girl’s finger.


3. Yeah, lock that sweet baby! You certainly don’t want anyone stealing it! 


4. I can’t imagine who and why this picture of frogs fighting with swords needed to be enclosed inside a glass dome.


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