Pies Inspired by Pop Culture That You Just Don’t Want To Eat

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Ahh, don’t we all love pop culture? I am particularly a huge fan and I find very interesting how much we are affected by it without even realizing it. Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin is, as she calls herself, a pie-oneering punster, who loves decorating pies more than anything in the world. Her goal is to show that something as humble as a pie can reach the level of wedding cakes and look even grander. The main aspect of her pies is that they are funny and try to entertain people. Jessica has written a book about how you can decorate a pie the way she does and you can buy it here.

1. Betty White I love you! Please don’t ever die

Instagram | thepieous

2. Wonder Woman Rises

Instagram | thepieous

3. Darth Vader and his bow tie

Instagram | thepieous

4. Yes, that’s a castle

Instagram | thepieous

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