Places That Are Way Different From Up Close Than From Photos


We all know that the way something looks from up close is pretty different from how it looks from its pictures. It’s like we take a picture of something we want to upload online. We will try and portray it as appealing as possible and try to hide its imperfections. It is only natural that they same thing will happen will world famous landscapes and locations that their sole goal is to attract people to visit them. This is something that you should always keep in mind when searching the internet and seeing famous landmarks.


1. Goa is one of India’s state.


It consists of 54 beaches that clearly look nothing like their pictures make us think.

2. The Hollywood sign looks all perfect and shiny from its pictures.

mentalfloss | wikipedia

However, from up close it looks like a bunch of unpolished letters the one next to the other.


3. The beaches of Maldives may look like paradise, but in reality you may find garbage taking over them.


Isn’t that sad?

4. The Szechenyi Thermal Bath in Budapest looks perfect and empty in its photos.

szechenyispabaths| dangerous-business

It can get very crowded during high vacation period though.


5. I can guarantee you that the only time that the ”I Amsterdam” sculpture is empty is very early in the morning and very late at night.

tripadvisor | smithsonianmag

But what can you do?

6. The statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro is more romantically advertised than seen in reality.

bradandelyse | thinglink

It looks nice though.


7. Trolltunga in Norway looks a bit different from its photos, but we have to admit that the view is absolutely the same.

thinglink | iamaileen

It’s stunning.

8. The Pyramids in Egypt seem a lot closer to the city than we were made to believe.

askideas | csmonitor

Everything that has to do with the internet is never too real. Everything is getting enhanced and pumped up a little, since no one likes the real reality. Everyone wants to see the ‘dream’ and feel appealed by a photo. Would you visit a place that showed you its true colors?


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