Plastic Surgery for a Better Presence on Social Media Has Now Become a Trend


Many people around the world and especially women are booking a visit at a plastic surgeon to either correct something they don’t like on their body or enhance something they think is unfinished. Women have always felt society’s pressure to look perfect for their job and social life and now that social media has taken over our lives, this pressure is even bigger and makes women feel it in a more dictating manner. The number of invasive and non-invasive procedures for the sake of perfect social media presence has increased 25% from 2012 and the number seems to rise as we speak. Most women opt for non-surgical treatments, since there is not really any big problem with them, but they just want to look perfect for selfies.


1. Feeling happy with likes

More and more women say that the reason they upload many selfies on Instagram is because they like seeing how many likes they get. The more likes, the more satisfaction and increase of their self-esteem.


2. It’s all an illusion

Many of them will ‘lie’ with their pictures, posing in a way that hides their places of insecurity and shows a ‘truth’ that is acceptable by Instagram.


3. Non-surgical nose job

Darren Smith, a board-certified plastic surgeon, says that this procejure involves a hyaluronic acid filler being injected to camouflage imperfections in the nose or to improve contour and can change the shape of the nose in 15 minutes and last for 1 to 2 years.


4. Eyelid procedures

Many women ask for eyelid procedure in an effort to look less tired. In these procedures, excess skin and fat are being removed or in other cases fillers are added to remove the undereye bags.


5. PRP Injections

In this process, the patient’s own blood is being collected and some key factors of it are being extracted are used for facials and even remedies against hair loss.


6. The distorted perception

Patrick Byrne, who is a plastic surgeon, says that many young people have a distorted perception of themselves, which derives from the way their image is being judged on social media.


7. Being extremely self-critical

Seeing images of other people looking absolutely perfect, makes people be extremely critical of their own image, which drives them to plastic surgery as their only solution.


8. And why all that?


Unfortunatelly, we live in a society where the opinion of thousands of strangers is more important than our opinion and the opinion of the people who love us. The solution to that will start from the moment we erase our instagram accounts and concentrate on loving ourselves.


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