Polyamory Myths That You Should Probably Stop Believing


So, what’s your opinion about polygamous and polyamorous relationships? In my opinion, there are two types of people out there regarding relationships: those who openly recognize their relationship as polyamorous and those who try to pretend that both partners are faithful. I am not saying that faithful and monogamous relationships can’t exist, because they can, but in most cases one of the two partners will probably cheat and not reveal the unfaithful act. But, that’s not the point we are about to examine today. What we care about is debunking all these myths about polyamorous relationships that almost all of us believe as true.


1. Polyamory is about having a lot of sex

Many polyamorous people decide to dive into this game not for all the sex, but for all the romantic and sometimes meaningful relationships that they can create with various people. Having a sexual relationship with many people at the same time can actually create a future relationship.


2. It’s for people with trouble of committing

Plenty of polyamorous people are willing to commit; in fact many of them have fulfilling relationships with lifelong partners. It’s just that their definition of commitment is different than that of monogamous people and it doesn’t require exclusivity.


3. These types of relationships can’t work, because jealousy will get in the way

Yes, jealousy is inserted into humans’ DNAs, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t control it. A poly person can feel jealousy for a sexual partner, but that doesn’t mean that the relationship can’t work or this person is bad at being a poly. Jealousy can be worked out through communication.


4. Orgies are the ultimate goal

Nope, that’s not it. Just like polyamory is not just about the sex, it is also not about having orgies. In fact, most polyamorous people don’t have orgies, or even if they do it’s more of a “once in a blue moon” thing; their life doesn’t revolve around them.


5. Committment-phobes are fans of polyamory

The sex life of a couple can vary in partners, but they two of them can be together in ways that don’t include sex. Being there for each other has nothing to do with the number of their sexual partners.


6. Polyamorous people are more possible to contract an STI

That’s far from true, since these people know what a dangerous game they play and they take all the necessary precautions needed exactly because they are aware of how multiple sex partners can have an impact on their health.


7. They never get attached to anyone

Polyamorous people are not empty hearted. They just feel that they can’t love just one person. They like to choose the people they want to love and for how long.


Polyamory is a situation that many people find appealing, but sometimes for the wrong reasons. Remember that it’s not about having a lot of sex. That’s another type of behaviour that you cannot be calling polyamory.


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