Pony Walls Are About to Make a Huge Comeback

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What is a ‘pony wall’? This might have been the first question that popped in your head and it so happens that everyone knows what it is. A pony wall has been used in thousands of houses around the world, during the past few years it seems like people and architects had forgotten all about it. Pony walls divide a space only partially, leaving enough space for two rooms to communicate with one another. In some cases, the free space is being filled with shelves so that it can be of use.

Joanna Gaines has brought the trend back

Pony walls were originally added in stables to divide the space where ponies were kept leaving some space for them to see outside and you to see them.

Instagram | joannagaines

The idea

Joanna is a pro in open flor plan movement, so the idea of the pony wall was just another one of her brilliant ideas.

Instagram | joannagaines

The origins of the style

Pony walls are said to have been invented by a man named Walter Clydell in 1863, but the story can’t be confirmed 100%.


The reason this style originated

According to Janice Barta the specific style originated from people’s need to tear down a couple of walls inside their house and being able to communicate even when in different rooms.

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