Popular Cities That Can Be Dangerous For Tourists


There is no doubt that some of the most popular cities for tourism are truly spectacular and welcoming for people of all ethnicities and ages. Although, no city is 100% safe. Either it’s street pickpocketing or drug-related accidents or food poisoning, many popular destinations bare their own dangers for those who don’t know what to avoid and what to go for. This is pretty easy to understand, since everyone will try and money off of tourists, who don’t know how to judge whether a service is expensive or not or the food is safe to eat or not.

1. Barcelona is one of the top European destinations, but Las Ramblas road and La Boqueria are two of the most possible places to get robbed.


2. Pattaya in Thailand is a dirty, but popular city for tourists, who often get food poisoning mainly from seafood, but meat and salads as well.

YouTube | Phan Rodighiero

3. In Naples, Italy you could be walking on the street and suddenly a scooter would appear to grab your bag or your camera.


4. Tijuana, Mexico is a town where many U.S fugitives go to and drug dealers do their business, so you must be very careful.


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