Positive and Feel-Good Stories That Will Instantly Lift You Up

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There are so many days of the year in a person’s life where you just feel like you’ve hit a wall and your psychological state is plain black. As much as you’ve learned to clap back and get back on your feet by your own, sometimes you need some help to do that. Even the strongest person on earth needs some encouragement and a simple, positive story may be just what you need. If today is one of those days for you, we hope that these nice stories will lift you up and make you feel happy.

1. A Chinese grandmother learning English


This Chinese grandmother started learning English and she practises them by sending beautiful messages to her granddaughter.

2. Three dogs help reseed a burnt forest in Chile

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These three dogs carried backpacks with pounds of seeds and helped immensely in the effort of reseeding an incredible amount of a Chilean forest.

3. This dad used to hide rubber ducks in every possible place

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This dad was such a wonderful and unusual guy that he used to hide rubber ducks everywhere for his family to undig.

4. This grandma found a new best friend

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When most people think of resting homes as depressing places, these two grandmothers proved that good friendships can be built in them.

5. This Vietnamese man became a U.S citizen at the age of 92


This Vietnamese grandpa probably tried his entire life to get the U.S citizenship and finally at 92 he achieved his goal.

6. Sometimes a simple help might be enormous for someone


The generosity of a stranger was very important to this woman, who might have missed seeing her father alive if she had to go back home and get more change for the meter.

7. The most meaningful graffiti ever


We can all agree how most city graffitis are considered acts of vandalism, but this one is certainly not it.

8. The hair will grow back sooner or later

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This son chose to show his support to his sick dad by shaving his very rich hair, showing that people matter way more than things.

Life is not just filled with unpleasant memories and events. Positive things exist around us, but they are not as visible as the negative ones. We just have to keep our eyes open and notice them.


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