Pretty Tattoos Inspired by Friends


Those of us who were born during the 1980s and 1990s or as they call us, Millenials, are the most probable people to have seen Friends more than 10 times and memorized every line by heart. Personally, I feel very lucky that TV played Friends for so long. The american TV might have plenty of comedy series and sitcoms airing right now, but only few of them are doing what Friends did back then. Friends were groundbreaking. They brought characters, situations and lines that are still memorable even 14 years after the show ended. No wonder why people are still getting tattoos inspired by Friends.


1. I’ll be there for you

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2. Ross’s most memorable line after ”we were on a break”

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3. Don’t you crave for a coffee at Central Perk?

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4. FRIENDS matching tattoos for real-life best friends

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5. Siblings are usually the same kind of crazy

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6. The Rembrandts song everyone will remember forever

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7. I’d buy that couch just to keep it as a souvenir

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8. Who is your lobster?

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Friendship is a part of almost every show that airs in every place on this planet, but not everyone can depict it the way Friends did. And that’s because friendship is even more complicated than love. The only thing is common that they have is that when you you’ve found it, you just know it.


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