Prison La Modelo Is the Darker Side of Barcelona


How many times have you visited a prison? And more importantly how many times have you visited a prison in which more that 1,000 people were executed in the past? I can safely guess that your answer is never. I realize that when you go to any place, you are not looking for the nearest prison to go visit. I could understand why anyone would go to Alcatraz -it’s a widely famous prison- but why would you get to know about smaller and notorious prisons? Well, maybe it is an alternative way of looking at vacation time and many of you might consider it a good idea.

1. Barcelona is a highly visited town, so if you are looking for a place that you are going to find a huge line ahead of you, prison la modelo is your site.


2. This summer, the town decided to open some parts of the prison for tourists to visit and many people have shown their interest.


3. The prison was built between 1881 and 1904 and it hosted more than 1,000 executions during the Franco era.


4. The costs for a repairment job would have been over $25, so the Ministry of Calalunya decided to close the prison’s doors once and for all.


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