Quick Beauty Hacks For Busy Girls!


21st century women are always in a hurry. It is the fast pace of life that, saddly, does not let you take care of yourself properly! With these useful tricks you will learn how to do that little by little. Just remember that we are talking about emergency tricks. If your skin somehow has a different reaction, stop using those tips! 

1. Use eyedrops to extend your mascara’s life!

Put a couple of eye drops inside the empty tube and shake well. Don’t forget that you always need to remove the clumps off your mascara brush for hygiene reasons.


2. Eyeshadow.

Before applying eyeshadown do not forget to firstly apply a foundation primer. If the primer is applied well, no makeup imperfection will stand in your way.


3. Mascare can also do as eyeliner!

If you run out of your favorite eyeliner and have no eyepencils, then your mascara will do perfectly. Rub a thin brush onto your mascara brush and use it as an eyeliner.


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If you are a busy woman, these hacks are definitely worth to give them a shot!

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