Rare Historic Photos Marking Important Moments in History


Have you ever thought about the way that we usually learn about history and important moments that took place decades ago? It’s mostly through books and encyclopedias, which rarely include any pictures. No matter how graphic a text is, sadly it can’t describe to the full extent a specific moment or action. This is why it is of utmost importance to discover old photos that are ‘buried’ somewhere waiting for someone to find them. They are the only ones who can tell accurately any story, simply because different eyes see things differently.

Dorothy Counts was the first black woman to attend an all-white school in the United States and she was heavily bullied and laughed at by her male peers.

This boy is ecstatic over getting new shoes while during WWII.

These Jewish prisoners were set free from a death train in 1945.

The only man in a crowd that refused to do the Nazi salute back in 1936.

Kathrine Switzer was the first woman to ever complete the Boston Marathon and while on the way to the finish line, many men tried to stop her from continuing.

The first day in a Swedish town when cars started to drive from the right side instead of the left.

German soldiers watching footage from inside concentration camps in 1945. Some seem not bothered at all.

Three acrobats balance at the top of the Empire State Building in 1934.

A moment from the construction of the Statue of Liberty in Paris in 1884.

A lesbian couple enjoying their night at Le Monocle in Paris in 1932.

The few remains of Vladimir Komarov, the astronaut who fell from space in 1967.

A man carving an eye on top of Mount Rushmore somewhere in the 1930s.

Discovering images from the past are the most accurate descriptions of how certain events happened. Each mouth tells every story differently and sadly this is something that can’t be changed.