Real Life People Who Look Like Dolls!


As kids, many of us wanted to look like their favorite cartoon characters – or even dolls – as they thought that by this way they would live a perfect life, like catroons did! Take Barbie for example. She was the perfect girl, with the perfect life and everybody loves her; so, it’s only natural that girls idolize her. While growing up though, people learn to distinguish fantasies from reality and that’s how it should be. Not everyone is like that, however; some people even go as far as spendiing entire fortunes in order to look like their favorite dolls.


1. Rodrigo Alves. 

In order for him to look like a Ken doll, he had to spend a huge amount of his grandfather’s inheritance.

Instagram | rodrigoalvesuk 

2. Lil Miquela. 

Who is she? Maybe one character from ”The Sims”. Miquela has caused a lot of buzz due to her appearance.

Instagram | lilmiquela

3. Amber Guzman. 

Instagram | amber_kohaku_chan

4. Duckie Thot.

After appearing of the Australia’s Next Top Model show, she became worldwide famous due to her special looks.

Instagram | duckieofficial

5. Justin Jedlica. 

Justin has claimed that he desires to be 100% plastic and that his ideal appearance is not fully achieved, even after 190 surgeries.

Instagram | justinjedlica

6. Nannette Hammond. 

Nannette is a mother of 5 from the USA. After spending over $500,000 dollars on plastic surgery she is not satisfyed yet with her looks. She always dreams of looking like Barbie.

Instagram | nannette_hammond

7. Angelica Kenova. 

Angelica is a famous model and always takes it as a compliment when people say she looks like Barbie.

Instagram | russian_barbie92

8. Valeria Lukyanova. 

This Ukrainian Barbie insists on only having a breast surgery and nothing more. She claims that her features are results of proper dieting and good makeup skills.

Instagram | valeria_lukyanova21

This people did whatever they could to try to look like a doll in order to satisfy their wills and of course they do not seem to stop trying.


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