Recy Taylor, the Woman Who Inspired Black’s Women’s Rights After Being Raped in 1944

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Why do men rape women? I challenge every man out there to find a good answer to this question that doesn’t involve any stereotypical excuse, like ”because men can”. When Oprah Winfrey accepted her Cecil B. DeMille award in this year’s Golden Globe Awards, she mentioned the name Recy Taylor. This name was not completely unknown in the U.S, but for many people in the rest of the world it was the first time they heard it, including me. So, looking up who Recy was, was the natural thing to do. Reading about her story made me realize that there have been so many courageous people throughout history that we still no nothing about. Recy wanted her story to be told and people to remember who she was and what she did and we have got to keep repeating her story until these examples of violence stop to exist.


The woman Recy Taylor


At the time of her rape, Recy was 24, married, with a young daughter and was a resident of Alabama.

The rape


As Recy was returning home from church, 7 young white men kidnapped her and after driving at a deserted road took turns in raping her for a few hours.


The aftermath


After doing their ‘thing’, they left her at the side of a road and threatened to kill her if she said anything to anyone. Recy was not the type of woman to keep silent.

Justice system


Recy reported her rape and even identified her rapists, but none of the men were prosecuted. Two grand juries of all-white men failed to indict any of the attackers causing an uproar in the black community who was tired of this institutionalized racism.




Recy has always said that an apology from the ofiicials would mean a lot to her. The Government of Alabama apologized for its ‘its failure to prosecute her attackers’, but it didn’t seem as an honest apology.

How she survived


The men wanted to kill Recy in order to be sure of her silence, but Recy begged them to let her go back home to her daughter and promised them that she wouldn’t say a word.


The rapists


6 out of 7 boys (Hugo Wilson, Billy Howerton, Herbert Lovett, Luther Lee, Robert Gamble, Joe Culpepper and Dillard York) admitted that they raped her, with one of them saying that he refused to do so, since he already knew Recy.

A pioneer in remembrance


Recy died in 28th of December 2017 and she will always be remembered as one of the toughest and most courageous women that ever set foot on this planet.

Recy Taylor was one of the many brave black women who fought for themselves and every other woman who suffered the way they did. It was fights like this one that started making things a bit better for women of color and helped them put their foot down against the male violence.


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