Red Flags That You Should Notice When Entering a New Relationship


Starting a new relationship can be very exciting  for you and your partner, but it can also be tricky. You are two strangers, who don’t know a lot about each other yet, but you try to get acquainted as fast as possible. I can tell you from now that everything wrong in your relationship will show its marks from the very first steps. No one can entirely hide their true selves. These small signs are the ones that you should not ignore and by any means do not try to overlook or justify. Being single again is less scary than being in a disfunctional and abusing relationship.


1. Stop justifying them

If their actions tell one story, you can’t start saying a new one just because you don’t want to see the truth. You deserve the truth and that’s what you should always fight for.


2. Not talking things through

When problems and small misunderstandings appear, they are bound to get bigger and more serious if you don’t talk them out. Resolve anything no matter how small you think it may be.


3. Testing your boundaries

You should always set your boundaries and not let anyone cross them. Even when you love your partner to the moon and back, your boundaries should always be valued by them.


4. Massive sense of entitlement

You are not required to do things for your partner all the time. You are not their maid or their cook or their soft pillow. You are not there to serve them, but to have a good time with them and share parts of your life.


5. Your gut tells you something’s wrong

If you feel that something is wrong, it is because it probably is. So, don’t ignore your feeling and try to find out whether your gut is right or wrong.


6. They are being super egotistical

If your partner asks and treats everything that happens in the world as something that affects them personally, it means that they only care about themselves and how they will benefit from your relationship.


7. Being critical of previous partners

Overly criticizing a previous partner is like criticizing your own self for actually being with them. If you chose to be with them it’s because you loved them and you should show your respect.


8. Criticizing and dismissing you

When you go to your partner explaining how his actions affected your feelings and he dismisses you, that’s a bright red flag. If your partner cannot try to understand you, who will do that?


I am pretty sure that after reading these eight red flags a few close couples have popped in mind and maybe you can see a few of these characteristics in your own relationship. Before panicking just remember that talking things out is the best way to keep your relationship on track.


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