Restaurants Where Food Is Not the Main Interest of the Guests


There are restaurants that give the 100% of their focus on the food they bring out to their customers and that’s probably why they end up with at least one Michelin star. Although, there are a few restaurants around the world that don’t only care about the food they serve, but also about their location and the design of the space they are using. Either it’s a unique location or a magnificent decoration, these restaurants don’t get all of their customers because they are famous for their food, but simply because of the place.


1. Labassin Waterfall, Philippines


This is exactly as is seems. The customers of this restaurant sit on tables at the foot of a waterfall and enjoy traditional Philippino cuisine while having their feet in the water.

2. Treepod Dining, Thailand


Not only you will feel like having your meal in a bird’s nest, but also that your life is hanging from a thread or to be more accurate from a treepod.


3. Ithaa, Maldives


The concept here is very simple: you have your meal while all kinds of sea creatures pass over your head. If you are lucky enough you might see a shark or turtle.

4. Dinner in the sky


Belgium is the motherland of this project that can be found in 45 countries around the world and you can dine on a crane and you have to be at least 1,50 meters tall to be a part of it.


5. Le Panoramic, France


Having your meal at this restaurant means that you also have a 360o view of Mont Blanc. The menu is a combination of simple dishes and more distinguished flavors, like foie gras.   

6. The Grotto, Thailand


If you had a dream of having candlelight dinner under a limestone cave, this is it. You don’t even have to be a guest at the resort in order to reserve a table and we are pretty sure that the waitlist will be huge.


7. Nyotaimori restaurants, Japan


What better way to enjoy raw food than from getting it served on a real human being. Female and male bodies are used to serve food and it is a theme that was used since the Samurai era.

8. The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant, Australia

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In this restaurant, customers get to see the beautiful scenery of Melbourne while dining in a place that reminds them the location of an Agatha Christie novel.

Before getting too enthusiastic about visiting these places, you should chech your dates and see how the availability is. You can understand how many people will be wanting to have such an experience in dining and viewing amazing scenery as well.


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