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Reversing Gender Roles in Vintage Sexist Advertisements

One day Eli listened at her uncles talk about how women are better off in their kitchen taking care of the house.


She was surprised to find out that many modern men think with the same logic and want women in the house.


Eli’s rebuttal is extremely satisfying and it puts men in the same uncomfortable position that women have been since the beginning of time.


She hopes that with this project many women who are stuck in this stereotypical representation will find a way to get out of it and live the way they want to.


Patriarchy and misogyny is now more alive than ever. The way women have evolved and left the kitchen and entered the real world opposite men, the latter feel threatened by them and the more threatened they feel the more hostile they become. But, this isn’t something to make women feel scared, but only something to make them more feisty.

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