Santa Margarida Is a Chapel Built Inside a Volcano

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The Santa Margarida Volcano is located in the comarca of Garrotxa in Catalonia, Spain. Despite to what most people would guess, the volcano was named after the chapel and not the other way around. The hermitage that was built in the volcano was destroyed in 1428 when a huge earthquake struck the area. It was rebuilt in 1865 and it has been standing strong since. In order to reach the chapel, people have to walk a long road through trees and natural paths, with almost everyone saying that the road to the volcano is very enjoyable.

A study published in 2011 that the Santa Margarida volcano was the product of an eruption event 11500 years ago.


The entire volcano formation is filled with greenery, showing the positive effects of magma and eruption.


People have to walk up to the chapel, enjoying the magnificent green nature that spreads around them.


The chapel was built with influences from the Romanesque style of architecture, including a rectangular nave.


The first hermitage that was destroyed in 1428 was dedicated to Saint Margaret.


The earthquake that shuttered the chapel, created catastrophies to the city of Barcelona, which lies 90 km far from the area.


Unfortunately, the chapel gets very little maintenance and time has taken its toll on it.


The view is impressive.


It is a shame that the local government doesn’t pay attention to the chapel and keep it as healthy as it deserves. Having such a wonderful landscape needs a little bit more attention.

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