Scary Stories Where Stalkers Made Famous Celebrities Fear for Their Lives


When you become famous and millions of people know your name and see you performing on stage, there are some drawbacks you gain next to the multiple bonuses. Money and adoring fans may be perfect, since they elevate your life, but there also may appear unstable people who will follow you everywhere and try make your life a living hell. In some cases, people will just follow and try and break in famous people’s houses. In more serious cases, mentally ill people will try and kill or sexually assault celebrities that they are obsessed with.


1. Sandra Bullock’s stalker wanted to rape her.


In 2014, a man broke into Bullock’s house with the intention to sexually assault her. She locked herself in her closet and called the authorities. The man was arrested but never convicted. When the police finally obtained a warrant to search his home in 2018, he didn’t allow them entrance. The story ended with him shooting himself in the head.

2. Lana Del Rey’s stalker intended to kill her with a knife.


A man was so obsessed with Del Rey that he followed her around the world and posted tributes (DO NOT google what a tribute is) about her on social media. At one instance, he traveled at one of her concerts carrying a knife with him with the intent to kill her.


3. Gwyneth Paltrow was constantly terrorized by her stalker


A pizza delivery man was sending Paltrow various letters, pizzas and even showing up to her parents’ house. When Paltrow testified about him lurking around her house all the time, he was secured in a psychiatric facility. He last shouted, ”If a man gives a woman unconditional love, she is blessed”.

4. Jodie Foster’s stalker tried to kill Reagan in order to impress her.


This man was so impressed by Jodie Foster from her role in Taxi Driver, when she was just 14 that when she attended college he moved closer to her and kept sending her letters. When she kept ignoring him, he decided to make the ultimate effort to impress her by trying to kill Ronald Reagan.


5. David Letterman’s stalker claimed that he was the father of her son.


This woman once drove off in Letterman’s Porsche and claimed that they were married and had a son together. After the talk show host found her sleeping in his tennis court, she was finally jailed.

6. Selena Gomez’s stalker was thinking about killing her.


This man confessed that he had conversations with God about killing Gomez. Two years after he started trespassing in her house, the singer sold her home since she didn’t feel safe anymore.


7. Catherine Zeta-Jones’ stalker wanted to cut her into small pieces and feed her to her dogs.


This woman sent Barbara Walters a letter saying that she wanted to kill Zeta-Jones and cut her up to the point that she would be unrecognizable. She even said, ”she will be dead before she’ll be able to blink an eye. Michael can finally be happy with his kids when the bitch is dead”.

8. Selena’s stalker was the one who killed her.

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A nurse named Yolanda Saldívar aggressively assembled a fan club for the famous singer Selena. Later on, the singer’s father found out that she was embezzling money from the organization. When Selena decided to meet with her and demand the financial papers, Saldivar pulled a gun at her and shot her in the shoulder. Selena gave in her fatal wound and Saldivar is currently serving a life sentence in prison.

Being a celebrity doesn’t only include perks, but also certain drawbacks that can’t be calculated from the start. These people have to be 100% guarded and protected and be certain of the people they let near them.


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