Sculptures That Aim to Honor the Beauty of the Female Form


The female body and its undeniable beauty has been praised and honored by thousands if not millions of artists since the beginning of time. Poets, sculptors, painters, musicians and all kinds of artists have spoken about the unique charm and captivating magic of the female body and its femininity. Many sculptors have depicted their idea on the female body giving it the form they think is most desirable. Others give the bodies a tremendous elasticity and others go for a more realistic depiction. No matter their choices, the results reach the same goal, which is to elevate the female form to a higher ground.


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Richard Stainthorp’s metal wire female sculpture.


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Karen Cusolito’s Ecstasy made of processed steel.


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Robin Wight works in an insanely powerful way with wire.


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Kevin Francis Gray created his sculpture Ghost Girl to symbolize her rejection of the current reality.



Jean-Michel Bihorel uses flowers instead of the more traditional material to create his female sculptures.



Benjamin Matthew Victor enters erotism in his bronze sculptures.



Luo Li Rong is well-known for her realistic life-size sculptures of women made of bronze.


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Penny Hardy tries to create sculptures that have a continuing movement made entire of metal.

While women were always considered less than men, their magnificent form has always enchanted and entrapped both men and women. These sculptures and many more are just saying what people are reluctant to talk about.


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