Shoreditch in London Has Some of the Most Stylish Bars


Shoreditch is a district in the historic East End of London and as anyone would expect it has some pretty well-known and historic places itself, including the bars and nightclubs. The nightlife is an important part of any trip to any part of the world. Sometimes you get so tired during the day, since you go sightseeing to many places each day, but if you ever go to Shoreditch you should keep some energy to spend at night in a bar or two that are famous for their design and their drinks.

1. The Book Club may not strike you as the place to have a Friday night drink, but you will be surprised how much this image can change during the night.


2. Either you are a wine person or a beer enthusiast or an upper class cocktail drinker, Worship Street Whistling Shop with please everyone’s taste.


3. The Boundary Rooftop is the ideal spot for a romantic date with the combination of great drinks and magnificent view.


4. The Shoreditch Butchery is a place where you can enjoy live music and party nights that will stay in your memory for a long time.


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