#SideProfileSelfie Is The New Big Thing On Twitter!

Front image by | radhikasanghani

If you happen to have a facial feature that doesn’t not go along with the beauty standards then you should definitely check this out! Beauty industries have always been showing off how they think the ideal face must look like. Tiny noses, big eyes, really thick lips are considered to make a woman more attractive. As a result, women who do not have one of those characteristics tend to feel insecure and rush to alter any odd feature in order to be considered pretty.

1. Side profile selfie is a new campaign created by Radhika Sanghani.

She is a freelance journalist, whose goal is to ”break the big nose taboo”.

Image by | radhikasanghani

2. Radhika claimed that she used to hate the way her nose looked like because it didn’t fit with the Hollywood standards.

We need to remember, though, that very few natural noses meet the Hollywood standards.

Image by | radhikasanghani

3. But once she started to realize that her nose is perfect just the way it is, she felt the need to help other women feel confident about their special noses.

Image by | radhikasanghani

4. ‘The big nose is still a taboo and it’s not right’

Image by | radhikasanghani

5. This campaign spread all over social media, and thus many women posted their side profile selfies.

Image by | PovedanoOlivia

6. It looks like Redhika’s vision is finally coming true.

Image by | Hexenkrauts

7. Do not let beauty industries tell you how you should look like.

Image by | tannahg

8. A lot of these women have claimed that after this campaign they started feeling more confident about their appearance.

Image by | squidney4ler

We need more people like Radhika!


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