Smart and Inventive Ways to Brew Coffee While Camping


If you are a camper you probably know how imaginative you have to get when certain things happen and you can’t face them the usual way that you would if you were not somewhere in the woods away from the city. Brewing coffee is one of the everyday things that we all enjoy doing, but is not that easy doing in some forest. At least, that’s what you thought, because it is not the case. There are so many smart and easy ways to brew your coffee that this issue won’t be a problem ever again.

1. Cowboy coffee is the simplest way to brew coffee. The only thing you need is a pot and some coffee grounds to put into the boiling water.

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2. Single servings pour-over is a quite new in the market and it is very practical if you are travelling on your own or with one more person.


3. Pour-over stand is another easy method that can be useful for small and large groups of people.


4. We have all seen and used an AeroPress, which is mainly used to make french filtered coffee.


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