Sneaky Tricks Airlines Use to Make Their Passengers Miserable on Purpose


People who travel on a low budget don’t have any other choice but to fly with a low cost airline. This unfortunate event can mean a lot of things with none of them being particularly positive. You see, a low cost airline gets only a few money from each passenger for their ticket, which includes just their seat and one carry-on bag. They have to find other ways to extract more money from passengers, causing frustration and misery on purpose. If someone is happy with what they already have it is unlike to spend more money. However, if they are miserable and the airline offers them a way out of their misery, they will probably choose to pay a bit more and receive the advantages.


1. They are trying to make travel time more miserable on purpose


If you’ve ever heard the term ‘calculated misery’, you must known that this is what airlines do to make passengers pay more for legroom, extra luggage and faster boarding time. They act in a way that gets on your nerve so that you will be more willing to pay more and get out of your misery.

2. They never clean their water


It’s just another way to make you pay more money to buy bottled water instead of asking for a cup of tap water. They make it disgusting enough for passengers to never ask for it.


3. They overbook flights on purpose


Yes, airlines intentionally overbook airlines because they are pretty sure that not everybody will show up. It’s up to each aircraft’s crew to decide which passengers will get the boot and there is absolutely no law forbidding this practise.

4. They make the seats smaller so that more people can fit in the plane


Since the 1970’s the seats have gone from 18 inches to 16.5 and the rows have shrunk to 31 inches from 35. This means that the airplane can fit more passengers and the airline can make more money off them.


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