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Some of The Most Bizarre Beauty Trends in History!


It is a fact that women will never stop looking for new beauty trends and care about their appearance. As a result, throughout history, women have done things in the name of beauty. However, some of them have been extremely bizarre. Being curious to explore beauty trends that have been used in the past, we decided to travel back in time and present some of the most bizarre beauty trends in history.

1. Unibrows (Greece)

Back to the 800 BC, it was a common beauty trend for Ancient Greek women to have a unibrow. It was such an insane having separated eye-brows that women were even drawing a line if they did not have one.

2. Black teeth (Japan)

I know, that sounds disgusting, however, in 250 AD and for hundreds of years, women in Japan were obliged to dye their teeth black, which they did by drinking an iron-based black dye infused with cinnamon and aromatic spices. This beauty trend, known as Ohaguro, was banned in the 1870’s when Japan’s Empress sported white teeth as a way to modernization.


3. Removing eye-lashes (England)

Long eye-lashes would be a shame in England in the 400s as women thought that they would draw attention to the forehead by removing their eyelashes and shave their eyebrows.

4. Using arsenic (Western World)

You are probably under the sun, getting tanned, because you like looking like a Latina during summer time. In the West though, in the 1500s, it was a common beauty trend eating arsenic in order to whiten the skin. The paradox of that trend was that once you stopped taking it, it could ruin your complexion. Therefore, once you started taking it, you couldn’t stop.


5. Accentuated veins like Marie Antoinette (France)

Pale skin was not only in fashion, but also an obligation for every French woman during the pre-revolution era in France. Thus, in order to become even more noticeable and highlight the vascular features, women used to draw veins with blue pencil.

6. DIY blush and Lip color (England)

In 1837, thanks to Queen Victoria who said that make-up was only used by prostitutes, women tended not to wear it. Instead of wearing make-up, women used to pinch their cheeks and bite their lips in order to put a glow on their faces.


7. Armpit hair dye (Western World)

Moving to the early 2000s, there was a trend suggesting women to dye their armpit hair, whether it would be pink, blue, red or purple. Kind of crazy, isn’t it?

8. Teeth tattoo (worldwide)


Still in the 2000s we notice another bizarre beauty trend, which was evolved as a rage in Japan as a quick way to get a tattoo. It’s simple; if you have a false tooth, instead of fixing it, you design a tattoo. How does this sound to you?