Some of the Most Common Travel Scams That You Should Be Aware of


Traveling abroad can be very tricky and confusing sometimes, since there is the language barrier (most of the times) and the fact that you don’t really know how one city or country operates. This is where scammers make their appearance and try to make profit off your lack of knowledge and innocence. Just keep in mind that you should never give your bank card or passport details to anybody through the phone or someone who approaches you on the street and demands to see your papers. If they demand to see your papers, you must demand to see theirs first.

1. Buying fake or stolen goods


People with stolen or fake goods will approach you at some corner and give you a special discount for something that they will tell you costs twice their price. It won’t come as a shock of you learn that these goods are stolen or fake.

2. Taking taxis for your transportation


The trick that every taxi driver plays on tourists is not putting the meter in operation and charging whatever they want. They will also choose the longest drive possible in order to charge you more. So, if hopping on a taxi make sure that the meter is on and if not demand that it is.

3. Buying cheap stuff in higher prices


Most often in souvenir shops sellers will give you prices twice and three times more of the deserved amount. Keeping that in mind and playing hard to get, they will keep lowering the price to the amount that the goods actually deserve.

4. Not buying tickets from the official sellers


Buying scalped tickets may result in being denied at the venue you want to attend. So, rule number one: always buy your tickets from the official sellers.

5. Fake reception call


If anyone says they call you from the reception and asks you for your card pin or any other bank account details, just hang up and inform the hotel desk. It is most definitely a scam.

6. People trying to befriend you only to steal from you


A random person or persons might approach you and try to befriend you. They will start asking questions about where you’re staying and what’s your schedule. What they really want to know is when you won’t be home to break in and steal your money and valuables.

7. A stranger asking to make a call from your phone


This scenario will either end with this person taking your phone and making a run for it or making a call to some foreign country and charging you with hundreds of dollars.

8. A ‘kind’ person will offer to take your group photo


There’s a reason why selfie sticks are so useful. You can take a group photo with no extra help. Giving your phone to a stranger might result in them grabing the phone and disappearing with it.

When you are on a strange land, you have to be careful of those who are looking to rip you off. Scammers are everywhere, expecting the right moment and the right victim and you certainly don’t want to be the one who they put their eyes and hands on.


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