Spooky Halloween Ceramics by Barruntando Ceramica


Halloween is almost here and many people have already started preparing their costume, house decorations and pranks that are going to do on friends and family if they don’t treat them the way they should. Most people are making their own decorations, carving an evil smile on a pumpkin, but there are many decorative objects that you can buy from stores. Barruntando Cerámica is a pottery group that created several spooky objects for Halloween that are up for sale.

Barruntando Cerámica is a group of women, who share the same love for pottery making. 


The women spent many months together learning the art of pottery until they decided to form a business.


They like to create useful things, but with a happier vibe than usual objects so that they will lift your mood.


They love rustic objects, which are created and decorated by the women themselves.


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