Stippling Art By Sayali


Sayali is an illustrator from Mumbai, India that works at a creative agency and in her free time she makes miniatures using the ”stippling method”. Each artwork she makes took minimum 50+ hours; if that doesn’t show her commitment and passion for work, then I don’t know what would. Below, you can see some of her favorite works.



She started drawing at a very young age and her role model was Walt Disney. So, growing up she always believed in magic and she projected this belief onto her work of art.



In fact, many of her drawings are inspired by Walt Disney characters. In general, her drawings include everything from a teacup to something much more imaginative and she explains that every individual piece of art is a feeling.



In a world ruled by technology, it is rare to see artists as Sayali making their artwork using a traditional form of art such stippling is. It must be really a time consuming work but also has an amazing aftereffect.



In my opinion, this technique is difficult because every single dot has its place and the proportion of the blank space and the dots molds the shading and highlighting part and also the design itself.



Because this is a work that requires patience and detail, every piece of art is unique and has its own texture due to the placing of dots. This makes her work special, as it is wonderful to know that you own something that nobody else does.



This drawing looks like one picture of the ”Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” book, written by Lewis Carroll. Sayali manages to make her work look like a part of a fairy tale and it is impressive if you consider that she doesn’t use any colour.



This is one of my favorites because I like the way she presents a woman as a wolf; Wolves are very beautiful and dangerous creatures, they are loners but also they are a unity, a pack. Therefore this combination suits for women as well.



What is special in any kind of art is that you can translate this piece of art to what it makes you feel. After all, a creator’s work is a summary of their feelings, thoughts and dreams.


You can see more of Sayali’s wonderful work on her Instagram page sayalis_art


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