Stunning Royal Wedding Dresses That Made History In The Fashion World!

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People say that women dream of their wedding dresses even at a very young age! Well, the thing is that once you decide to settle down and get married you have to do it the right/fashionable way! Get yourself you ideal wedding dress. If there’ s only one thing brides want, this is to own a magnificent wedding dress and I’m talking about every kind of bride – even the royal ones. A queen/princess always needs to be fashionable and that makes their wedding dresses outstanding as well. Check out some of the most memorable royal wedding dresses every bride would envy.


1. Princess Margaret.

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The youngest sister of Queen Elizabeth got married with Antony Armstrong-Jones in 1960. Her wedding dress was designed by Norman Hartnell and it is made of  silk organza.

2. Queen Anne-Marie of Greece.

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The Queen got married with the future king Constantine || of Greece in 1964. This dress is very outstanding as it was combined with luxurious blue jewels.


3. Princess Caroline of Monaco.

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She got married with Philippe Junot in 1978 and got divorced two years later. Her Marc Bohan dress was spectacular and perfectly matched with white flowers on her head.

4. Princess Diana.

Image by | Jonna Hansen Elholm

July 1981. Everyone was stunned by Diana’s spectacular wedding dress, which features 10,000 pearls and 25-foot-long tail.


5. Masako, Crown princess of Japan.

Image by | cosmopolitan

There is so much to tell about this amazing dress. The bag, the sparkling choker necklace, the white gloves… very incredible.

6. Queen Letizia of Spain.

Image by | us.hellomagazine

Letizia, as a former journalist, got married to the future king Felipe V| in 2004.The dramatic high collar is what made this dress even more outstanding.


7. Kate Middleton.

Image by | marthastewartweddings

This Alexander McQueen dress is the most well-know wedding dress in recent history and we can all see why.

8. Charlene, Princess of Monaco.

Image by | orderofsplendor

Charlene Wittstock got married to Prince Albert II of Monaco  wearing an Armani Privé off-the-shoulder column.

If you want to do it, at least do it like a queen.


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