Succulent Nails Are Taking Over the World of Beauty on Instagram

Instagram | arozona

Succulent nails are not exactly a new trend, since Roz Borg, a botanical artist from Australia, has been experimenting with them for a couple of years now. But, no matter how many times we see them, we can’t help it but feel amazed each and every time, since their artistry is something that we barely see in the nail beauty area. Not only that, but they are perfect for social media and creating a frenzy all over them, with their beautiful aura capturing everyone’s screens.


This one comes from Simply Nailogical, where the artist bought some succulents, cut them and glued them on her nails.

YouTube | Simply Nailogical


Artist Roz Borg started gluing plants on her thumbs in October 2016.

Instagram | arozona


The video from this nail art tutorial was watched more than 8 million times on Instagram.

Instagram | arozona


The green ones may not be as impressive as the colorful ones, but they sure are worth to mention.

Instagram | arozona


A weekend manicure perfect for a day at the beach.

Instagram | arozona


Instagram | arozona


Fairy nails.

Instagram | arozona


Instagram | arozona

Succulent nails may be hard to maintain, but their purpose isn’t that. They are beautiful to watch, but impossible to keep on your fingers and that’s probably why they remain a dream after 2 years from their invention.

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