Tattoo Artists Describe Their Worst Customer Experiences

Being a tattoo artist isn’t just sitting on a chair and drawing a design on someone’s arm or leg with them being completely silent and easy-going. Sometimes, people will ask for a tattoo that they are not sure of and will make the artist’s life a living hell. And this isn’t the worst part. Imagine how a tattoo artist feels when someone asks them to give a tattoo on their anus or genitals. Will they do it for a tremendous amount of money or will they refuse because the thought of it is crazy? Let’s see what some real tattoo artists did when they came across with weird customers.


1. Being numb to pain

A young woman goes along with a guy at a tattoo shop and askes the artist to give her a back tattoo. She keeps moving and she says that there is only one way to relax. After a minute she is performing oral sex on the guy, who is not even her boyfriend.


2. Dragon penis

A guy asked if they could tattoo his entire genitals area with a dragon. The artist said yes and the procedure was super awkward, since the customer had to keep the skin of his genitals stretched so that the artist could give him the tattoo.


3. The creepy guy

Imagine a 60-year-old guy opening his door to an artist and asking for a thigh tattoo. But, when he removes his pants he is wearing a red thong and asks for a touch-up of his penis tattoo as well.


4. Piercings

A guy asked for a change of his piercing, but the artist refused since this wasn’t his job. The guy was so mad that he even threatened the artist with violence.


5. Smelly accident

This artist was working on a guy’s tattoo, when the latter asked him to go immediately at the bathroom. After being gone for 10 minutes, the artist went out to see where he was and he saw diarrhea all over the place and the customer nowhere to be found.


6. Anus tattoo

A couple walked in a tattoo shop and the woman asked for an annus tattoo. Although, her ‘area’ wouldn’t stop twitching, so the boyfriend told the artist to put his thumb in there. The artist did so and after finishing he charged the woman $500 for a 10 minute job.


7. Indecisive

A girl asked for her boyfriend’s name tattooed on her arm, but after breaking up she went back to cover it with roses. When they got back together, she went back in and asked to bring back the name and when the artist refused she got really mad.


8. Too many opinions

This was simply a case of too many friends gathering around the table and too many opinions being expressed to the point that a medium-sized tattoo ended up being nothing but a dot-sized design.


I admire how tattoo artists work with the weirdest and most demanding customers. It takes a lot of restraint and courage to tattoo someone’s annus, while you have a crowd watching you.


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