Tattoo For Diabetics Changes Colors Along With Blood Sugar Levels


Thanks to some amazing scientists over at MIT in Boston, they’ve created ink that changes colors to alert diabetic patients of changes in blood sugar levels.

Researcher at MIt are developing a new color-changing ink that responds to changes in the body.

Called the DermalAbyss project, the tattoo ink is replaced with four biosensors that change in response to body fluid.

The pH sensor changes between purple and pink, and the glucose sensor changes between blue and brown.

Sodium and a second pH level are two other sensors that change at a high intensity under a UV light.

This color-changing tattoo was made with diabetics in mind, as they need to constantly be checking their glucose levels with a finger prick multiple times a day.

Getting a one-time tattoo can save time and money, especially if you don’t have coverage for glucose devices.

The researchers used pig skin to test the efficacy color-changing ink

The researchers aren’t in a stage to test on humans just yet, but definitely keep your eyes out! Hopefully this project will turn into a product, soon.

In the meantime, check out the team’s video to see the color-changing ink in action.

Via diply