Teens That Chose to DIY Their Prom Dresses and Didn’t Regret It

Instagram | the.officialmj

Prom night is one of the most important nights in the life of a woman and school girls spend a lot of time in advance in order to find the perfect dress. But, sometimes it is very hard to find exacly what you are looking for in a shop and you just have to put your own hands on the piece and turn it into the gown of your dreams. Many girls, including Amber Scholl, decided to DIY their prom dress after buying a piece that was similar to what they wanted for their special night. The results are so amazing that must have made quite an impression at prom night.


1. Nazmayde Castillo and her $50 dress from Fashion Nova

Instagram | the.officialmj

Nazmayde bought this wonderful mini dress from Fashion Nova, which she later altered by adding feathers and turning it into a long gown.

2. Amber Scholl and her $4 thrift shop dress

YouTube | Amber Scholl

How awesome is that?


3. Shami Oshun spent $15 in supplies to create her own dress from scratch

Instagram | bluexheeta

15 dollars might sound too little for a prom dress, but when you have a passion for fashion, you can make magic with them.

4. Ysabel sewed her own dress spending just a few dollars


Isabel learned how to use a sewing machine from her dad when she was 8 and by the time her prom night had arrived she was experienced enough to make her own dress from scratch.


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