The 12 Weirdest Shoes Ever Designed That Look Extraterrestrial


We all know that, sometimes, fashion can be quite bizzare and random. Especially high fashion can praise the most useless, overpriced items that you could ever imagine. As far as those cases go, looks matter more than utility, but even the looks can seem quite outrageous to the average person. Especially when we are talking about shoes, the designers go wild in order to provide us with things like the lego heel or shoes that look like dentures. It sounds crazy, right?

1. Super comfy.

2. Look who found their wedding shoes?


3. In case you miss your summer vacation.

4. For fishing lovers.

5. The famous gun hoof shoes

6. Another great pair of wedding shoes.

7. I just hope the chicken feet are fake.

8. The kids’ playground heels.

9. The real loaf loafers.

10. The murder shoes.

11. The “Oh God worms have eaten my shoes” shoes.

12. Nothing comfier than slipping in your mouse slippers

There you go! I think you didn’t see that coming! The question that comes up right now is: Do any people actually buy those shoes?