The 8 Most Mysterious and Forbidden Places on Earth


While the world has some very magical and breathtaking places to visit and explore, it also has some places that are hidden under a thick veil of mystery. These places are either very creepy, to the point that nobody willingly sets their foot there or they have been officially banned for people to enter. While many of you might instantly want to learn everything about these places and possibly try to break in, most of you will probably stay at the comfort of your home and won’t go any further. Let’s see these 8 places that even scientists hesitate to visit.


1. North Brother Island, New York


This island was first established as quarantine hospital that later became the home of famous Typhoid Mary, who was the first known carrier of typhoid fever without showing any signs. After that, it was used as a recovery center for addicts and now it is considered a bird sanctuary and entrance is forbidden.

2. The North Sentinel Island, Bay of Bengal


The Sentinelese people are the only group of people known to us that have absolutely no communication with the outside world. They are extremely hostile towards outsiders and they won’t hesitate to act violently. There has been a case where someone approached too close with his boat and was never found again.


3. Area 51, Nevada


Area 51 has always the center of many wild speculations, including aliens and other unidentified species. The American Government keeps everything going on in there very well hidden and the military is in charge. Entrance and photographs are strictly forbidden.

4. Bhangarh Fort, India


The Indian authorities have officially declared this fort haunted and no entrance is allowd without permission. Tourists are forbidden from entering the fort from sunset to sunrise and locals say that whoever has broken this rule has regretted it deeply.


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