The Absolutely Worst Things You Can Say on a First Date

5. Yeah, that’s a discreet way to get to know the other person’s economic situation…


You can just discreetly judge their apartment instead.


6. Bringing up marriage in the equation from the first date is like asking the other person to leave the table. 


Really, who does that?

7. Is this bulge because of your penis or because you’ve stuffed three pairs of socks in your pants?

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Is that your gun officer or are you just happy to see me?


8. How in the world can you forget a name? It’s not like they set you up. You decided to go out on a date.


You should also avoid telling the other person how hard it is to find someone on your level. You make them feel like you are high-maintenance and they won’t be able to fulfill your needs. Saying absolutely nothing and keeping your mouth glued is also a terrible thing for first dates.

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