The Aquatic Centre of National City Is One of San Diego’s Diamonds


The people of National City had always this dream of creating an Aquatic Centre that would attract more of their own people to water activities and also many outsiders for a visit. The project cost the city $3.1 million dollars and it was placed in Pepper Park, fifteen miles north of the U.S/Mexico border. The plan was in people’s minds for over a decade, since the previous aquatic centre was just a building made of shipping containers. They finally made their dream come true and they must be very proud!

The aquatic centre measures up to 5,500 square foot and  it complements the coastline just inside the mouth of the Sweetwater River Channel. 


The facility includes two multi-purpose classrooms, locker rooms, office space, showers, a storage space and even public art.


The centre is designed to facilitate educational and recreational services that will be combined with an unlimited view of the river.


The center’s easternmost structure contains a large gathering and educational space beneath a faceted, flying roof. 


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