The Best Barber Shop Design Ideas That Scream Elegance


The term ‘barber shop’ was used at a time when male hair stylists were called barbers and men would go at their shop to get their hair and beard cut. The barber shop was something like a meeting point where many guys would visit not just for a haircut, but also for some chit chat. Nowadays, barber shops have been taken over by hister hairstylists, who try to give their shop’s interior this old and classic look, but have nothing to do with the true meaning of a barber shop. As much as some people like to hate on them, they have to admit that some modern barber shops look truly amazing and here’s some proof of that.


1. Black & Gold


There is nothing more slick that a black interior with gold decorative elements.

2. Old barn charm


This is a much more laid back style that doesn’t make you feel like you need to dress up in order to get a haircut.


3. Retro style


Nothing’s more positive and uplifting than a retro style that’s full of colors.

4. Minimalistic

Pinterest | Mckenzie Craemer

A super stylish interior that indicates that magically good stuff happens in there.


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