The Best Haircuts Based on Your Body Shape


Hair has always been a difficult story. We are never satisfied with our haircut. For example, there are many times that we get a new haircut that makes us look older and that is not what we wanted. Most of the times we don’t know what we want and the specialists get confused. That’s why it’s important to know how to choose your new haircut according to your body shape.

1. Hair with volume for a voluptuous body

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2. Full-figured women should better avoid short hairdos.

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3. Medium length hair for petite girls

4. Long hair for tall girls

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5. This is an amazing short cut for tall women, don’t you think?

6. Tall, athletic women will look amazing in a short hairdo.

7. For a big forehead, bangs are always the first and most popular choice.

8. Curls or wavy hair look very good on curvy women.

Check out this video for more details

Now, do you know your face shape? If you don’t, you have to find it out before going to do a new haircut.