The Best Product Designs of 2017 Based on How Unconventionally Useful They Can Be


Each year, designers and design companies start creating and envisioning new products that will bring something new to the market and be useful to certain groups of people. Not every product aims to reach all ages, since this is almost impossible. Most of these products, not to say all of them, concentrate on using our progressed technology in order to create something unique that we’ve never heard of. And if we want to be honest, they actually achieve their goal of bringing something new. Although, we are not exactly sure if their creations will ever become mainstream, since their price is quite high.


1. The Beolit 12 portable music system


It can be connected wirelessly to your Apple devices and wired to your computer.

2. Child Vision Glasses


These glasses allow the wearer to tweak the lenses until the focus is the right one and gives them perfect vision. It is desiged mostly for kids and adults aged from 12-18.


3. Liquiglide Ketchup Bottle


You know how ketchup sticks at the end of the bottle and you can’t get it out? LiquiGlide is a very slippery, but non-toxic liquid that prevents ketchup from sticking at the end of the bottle.

4. Little Sun

Facebook | ilovelittlesun

This device allows you to carry solar-powered light to off-grid areas, making your trips a lot more pleasant and less scary.


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