The Best Responses From People Who Come from Donald Trump’s ”Shithole Countries”


Whenever Donald Trump makes a negative and insulting comment through his Twitter account, we say that his level of ignorance has reached its peak, but the next time is always worse. When he said that climate change does not exist because people in some states were freezing from the extremely low temperatures, I wanted to laugh but I couldn’t. How can you laugh at a person who is the President of the United States for not knowing that climate change brings extreme temperatures whether they are high or low? This is a crying matter. And now, he’s done it again. He referred to countries like El Salvador and Haiti, as well as unspecified African Nations, as ‘shitholes’. What can you respond to that? It seems like a smart answer or an insult will not touch him, but maybe proof that his ‘shitty’ opinion is not only wrong but ignorant will do the trick.

A shithole if analyzed literally, is a place that produces or accepts only shit.

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So, my question is, how can these countries produce scientists and doctors?  

How many languages do you speak Mr. President and how many degrees have you achieved?

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Oh and let’s talk about Trump’s achievements without the help of his wealthy family.

Capable people raise money for people who need them. 

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They do not take people’s money to support their own needs.

This person has saved and also delivered lives and the only think that Trump has done is take and end lives.

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Is there something more to add?

African immigrants are among the most educated groups in the U.S, with almost 50% of them having a degree.

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More power to them.

87.9% of African immigrants have a high school degree, which is only one percent lower than the Americans who have a high school degree at the age of 25.

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Did you know that?

African immigrants that came from African nations were healthier than the American born African-Americans based on a study from the University of California.

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And not to mention the hardships some of these people have been through.

Another research showed that 41% of African immigrants from 25 and older have bachelor degrees, whereas only 32% of born-Americans have that kind of education.

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Yes, many countries in Africa are way below the poverty line, but many others are on the rise. If ”Mr.” Trump considers these countries ‘shitholes’, it’s because countries like his have taken advantage of Africa’s resources for their own gain. Poverty is not a crime for those who experience it, but for those who cause it.


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