The Best Snacks You Can Eat Before Exercising

5. Rice cake with almond butter


Rice cakes are pretty boring on their own, so with the addition of some almond or peanut butter you can create a very tasty snack.


6. Cottage cheese and avocado toast


You know you want it.

7. Yogurt parfait


If this seems a bit too much for you, you don’t need to eat it all at once, but cut it in two parts and enjoy its healthy and beneficial attitude.


8. Apricot and almond bars


I understand that you don’t have all the time in the world, but spend a few minutes to prepare these magnificent bars you can enjoy before your exercise.

In every recipe above I would not recommend you bought already prepared mixtures, since they contain too much sugar and their nutritional value will be half of the one that your own recipe will.

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