The Best Things to Do in Tobago in the Sea or on the Land


Tobago is an exotic island of the Caribbean, 160 km outside of the nirthern coast of Venezuela. The island is characterized by tropical weather and despite being outside of the hurricane zone it was terribly affected by hurricane Flora back in 1963, which destroyed most of the economic resources of the island, such as the banana and cacao plantations. Besides that, it is a wonderful place for anyone to spend a few days or weeks off their busy schedule and crazy life.

1. The Pigeon Point Heritage Park is one of the most famous landcapes of the island and you should not forget to pay a visit.


2. Healing with Horses is an organization that offers horserides in the sea and gives the profits to the differently abled children.


3. The Main Ridge Forest Reserve is one of the best places in the island to go hiking and don’t miss the chance to enjoy nature’s creations.


4. The Argyle Waterfall is the most famous waterfall on the island and its overall scenery will not disappoint you! 


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