The Best Things to Do in Tobago in the Sea or on the Land

5. The poduction of cocoa may not be as huge as in the past, but Tobago’s cocoa estate is open for visits.


6. In Store Bay you can enjoy the sea and sun and when you get hungry walk a few steps and taste some of the local food of the island.


7. Snorkeling could not be missing from your ideal activities. It might seem scary to some of you, but the experience will be unforgettable.


8. The Nylon Pool is in the middle of the ocean and yet the water does not reach your waist.


Tobago is an island, which means that it has countless of beaches that you can visit. Try and go to as many as posiible, but don’t forget to also dive into the forests and the national park that it has, since the amount of green is going to impress you.

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