The Best Wireless Chargers in the Market and Their True Worth

5. Belkin Boost Up

The bad thing about this one is that it costs almost $60, but the good thing is that it goes up to 15W of power.


6. Mophie Wireless Charging Pad

Although this one is one of the two wireless chargers that have been approved by Apple, it maxes out at Apple’s 7.5W fast charging standard and it costs almost $80.


7. Anker Powertouch 10W USB-C

For a device that costs $132,00 and not including a wall plug and being unreliable in recognizing phones it is probably not the very best choice out there.


8. Tylt Vu Vlade

A great design with adjustable coil, which might make finding a charging location quite tricky. Besides that it has great charging speed, but there have been reports of unreliable power supply with extended use. Comes at $49,99.


All in all, wireless chargers are not all that bad, but I would question whether they are easier than powerbanks to use, since they need to be plugged. I would advice you to not hurry and buy one, but wait until more reviews and improved devices are released.

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