The Bible of Hair Extensions


If you are tired of waiting for your hair to grow naturally or you just want some extra volume, you have the choice to consider hair extensions as a solution. There are many types of them. Some can last for months and they are regarded as more permanent and some can be put on and taken off anytime you wish.


Those are less harmful to the hair, but you have to take good care of them so they look natural and healthy. Usually hair salons have a big variety of all the types, but you can find even more on the internet, too. Below, you can view several types that are suggested by hairdressers and experts and you should take a look before you decide.

Take a look on the comprehensive guide below, before we dive in with greater detail on all different types of hair extensions


So, if that’s how you want your hair to look, keep reading!


1. I tip

They are versatile and long lasting, plus the silicon on their tips protects your natural hair. They are put on your hair strand by strand, like in the image below. The whole procedure lasts for an average of 2,5 hours and you need to maintain them every 6-8 weeks. What makes I-Tip unique are the beads, which are very small. They are the perfect size to hold both the natural hair and the tip of the hair extension. If you select this type of hair extensions, you should avoid using oil or silicon based products near the attachment.


2. The skin weft

These are ideal for short or thin hair, as they super flat and light. Another advantage is that their installation is quick. These ones can look really natural and blend perfectly with your natural hair.


3. Keratin or hot fusion

You will definitely need a professional to install or remove these ones. They are attached to the hair using a heating element and they are ideal for medium to thick hair. The application can last for 2- 4 hours and you will need to maintain them every 2- 3 months. The advantage with them is that after the initial application they style easily if you opt for natural human hair. You should keep in mind though that these ones are quite pricey, if you want a natural result and opt for an acclaimed professional. You also need to avoid oil- based hair products for as long as you have them on.


4. The braided sew-in

Ideal for African- American or coarse hair, the braided sew-in extentsions will protect your natural hair, since there is no heat needed. Instead, yoour hairstylist will sew it with a needle and thread like you can see in the image below. The application lasts for around 1- 2 hours.


5. Clip ins

These one are easy to remove and can be used many times. However, you should keep in mind that they are not permanent. Taking good care of them by washing and conditioning them gently, is really important.


In this video, you can see how to easily clip in and blend this type of hair extensions with your short hair

If you plan to keep them for a long time, it would be better to invest on natural hair rather than synthetic


See the different types of hair extensions

And if you want to see a demonstration of how the most popular hair extensions are applied, take a look on the following video

If you feel very confident about putting them on your own at home, go for it. If not, then you should better visit a hairdresser and let them take care of your hair.


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