The Biggest and Scariest Falls of Celebrities While Performing


Isn’t it so funny when people fall? If the fall is too savage, you cannot laugh, but when the fall is quite mild and with no possible injuries you have the absolute freedom to crack a laugh. Especially when someone falls out of their own stupidity, you have one more reason to laugh at them. Celebrities around the world have given us quite a few hilarious falls while performing on stage and while some of them were very cruel and traumatic, the rest were pure fun. Excuse me if I call people falling ‘fun’, but you know you agree with me.


1. Beyonce

Yes, this beautiful back belongs to queen Bee, who fell from the stairs while performing on her Mrs. Carter World Tour around Europe.


2. Lady Gaga

This woman does so many crazy stuff on her shows that it is not weird at all that she fell and continued singing like nothing happened.


3. Harry Styles

Harry tried to look as cool as possible on stage playing with the mice holder, but it didn’t turn out that good for him.


4. Meghan Trainor

Meghan had a tremendously funny fall while performing on The Jimmy Fallon Show, but she dealt with it with a lot of humour.


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